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If I had a pound for every time someone asked me: “Who is a good hairdresser/ beautician/manicurist & co?” I’d be a rich young woman.
Here is a list, where I tried to propose two options:
A) Holland Park, or I want to reward myself
B) Kilburn / Balham (north and south option) that is regular maintenance / cannot do anything crazy / and it is the end of the month and I do not have any money.
Disclaimer: I do not live in either of the areas mentioned.  
A) Aldo Coppola in South Kensington. It does not need any introduction. The womanizer hairdresser will flirt with you. This service is included in the price
B) Hair Trendy in Lupus Street. To remind me that a blow dry a week is still possible http://www.allinlondon.co.uk/directory/1177/147460.php
A and B) Billy Currie in Chiltern Street can be very cheap or very expensive, depending on the stylist you choose. 20% off for new customers / www.billicurrie.com
A) Massage: Bliss Spa in South Kensington. A massage of good level and length never has a cheap price tag, unless you are in India or Thailand: http://www.blissworld.co.uk/spa/spa-411/locations/bliss-london.aspx
If you are curly, I recommend a chain hair salon, like Tony and Guy or Rush. You will always find at least a hairdresser who knows how to treat your curls. They are usually Spanish or South American. Do not get your hair cut by a hairdresser from the north part of the world. Have you ever met a curly Norwegian?
photo credit- postaletrice via photopin cc
A) Hush Spa in Pimlico Road. The best facial ever www.hushhspas.com
B) EXM in Exmouth Market http://www.exmhairandbeauty.com/special-offers.html
A) Incredible You in Moreton Street www.incredibleyou.co.uk
Between A & B: Bharti Vyas, tested and certified. Clean, comfortable and unpretentious place. Nice customers and well trained beauticians: www.bharti-vyas.com
B) The Runway. Everyone who works at Burberry gets their beauty fix from this place. Despite this fact, it is cheap. 50% discount at your first visit: www.yelp.co.uk / biz / the-runway-hair-and-beauty-london
C) It’s the end of the month and you desperately need waxing. Do not think for a moment to grab the razor, no!
Parissa, the best wax I’ve ever tried in 15 year, waiting for the laser treatment to spread and become affordable like Silk Epil (or Epil Lady, for those born in the 70s). Professional results, but you must be familiar with this self-waxing. If you are not, watch the tutorial on their website: http://parissa.com/
Manicure: any nail bar on Kensington Church Street will do.
For a relaxing hand massage that will make you feel reconciled with the world, go to Jo Malone. It is FREE. Of course then you’ll end up buying at least one candle, at the modest sum of £ 38.00! www.jomalone.co.uk / cms / boutiques / tasting_bar.tmpl
I like anything by Jo Malone,  even the black ribbon of their bags.
photo credit- Shirin K. A. Winiger via photopin cc
For beauty tips from real woman, she is over 30 and not “sponsored by” a multinational of cosmetics, look at this blog: www.beautymouth.com
I will dedicate several posts to the theme of shopping.
I want to leave you with a little tip. It’s called Farfetch.com and it brings together the best European boutique in one place. You know the boutiques of Punta Ala, Antwerp and Biarritz? Or Biffi in Milan, where the owner has been choosing items with talent and ability for generations? Here they are, all together on your screen. It is not a secret, as the Sunday Times quotes this website very often.
Even when I’m not planning to buy anything, I like browsing and taking a look at a Marni’s necklace, an evening bag by Lanvin and many great source of inspiration.
These days when rich and poor shop at Zara and Banana Republic, a piece purchased from Farfetch is the saving grace during the wedding season. It will avoid the embarrassing situation of two people wearing the same dress, especially if the other person is former professional dancer / rider / daughter of a fashion model / actress.