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Following my exciting photo-shoot at Stylist Magazine, here is the result of the survey

http://www.stylist.co.uk/people/the-stylist-census#image-rotator-1 and one of the several pictures featuring their lovely readers. You can spot me if you know who I am.

Census Hero Final

Following the shoot, they approached me two days before going to press and asked if I wanted to talk more about one of  the trends that emerged from my interview and many others.

I agreed gracefully to talk about this topic, so I sent them my thoughts at 11.30 at night. Journalists are ALWAYS hitting a deadline. Pity they didn’t publish it, but as I own the copyright on these thoughts, here they are. The subject? Babies.

Baby Blues? Not me. I turned 30 a year ago and the desire of becoming a mother hasn’t reached me yet. Not in the slightest possible way. This is despite the fact that biology suggests that is the most natural thing to do at my age – both socially and at work I find myself  surrounded by young women who are having their first or second child.

My priorities are my career and the desire to become a well rounded, fulfilled adult. I am well on the way – but I haven’t got there yet. After my Masters eight years ago I swapped Milan for London to improve my English, but never left. Now I have a wonderful job and fantastic boyfriend to share a mortgage with…but I feel still like I left university only few months ago!

There is just too much I enjoy about life in London to sacrifice for the sake of a child: I love my 8 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night, lying in bed and reading the paper on Sunday morning until midday, being able to go out every night – even if it is just to a have a chat and a drink with a friend – fitting a very sociable life, going to exhibitions, making my own jewellery, and following my multiple hobbies without thinking about it twice. I enjoy being flexible, being in a position to move or travel long distance for work, without planning complicated domestic arrangements. 

Does it sound familiar for anyone else?