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How many times did we browse a glossy magazine featuring amazing homes and we wonder of a different life within those four walls? It is not a chance that one of the most common middle class guilty and semi-secret pleasure is browsing properties we will never be able to afford, unless we win the lottery. The only way to experience the high life in the property arena is rent one of these amazing places, or get an invitation for a sleepover from a rich friend who might own mansions and castles. 20130105_161555

I spent last weekend – a long 4 days one, in order to fight the January blues – at Camel Quarry House in Cornwall, near Padstow, aka Kensington on the Sea.

A beautiful part of the world and of England, a place I never had enough time to visit, despite the raving reviews. It takes 5 solid hours by car, and I am sure many more by train from London.

Every time I rented holiday homes in the past and I always felt like an unwanted guest. Those places were refurbished with minimum spend and effort, conceived for customers that were not going to spend there too long.

With Camel Quarry House it was love at first sight.

The house is furnished and decorated in a classy and tasteful way, designed around the wellness of its habitants – might they stay for 24 hours or forever. I could feel it through the attention to details, such as the kitchen tools, the pans designed to last, good literature book, CD, DVDs that you might want to watch more than once, coffee table books with stunning images.


And then comes the light. The home is inundated and filled with it, especially the top floor, which is a transparent cube that allows you to look outside, watching the hours passing by, the colours changing, the light modifying the landscape.

And in front of us the estuary and the bay, stunning even during the darkest season of the year.