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Getting married in Italy is a dream for many foreign people. From members of the aristocracy all the way down to Wayne and Coleen Rooney, lots of people tie the knot in Italy, with a range of success.

Next year will be my turn. The Lord made the brave move asked me to marry him on the slopes, while we were skiing. Someone very tactfully commented and said that he opened a can of worms…The real story of how we got engaged will be shared only with close friends and people who deserve to know about it.

As a foreigner, I realised that there are is engagement’s etiquette and quite few things that I would have never done in Italy.

1      Cards. Lots of cards. We live on a world where our fingers are glued to a keyboard and our eyes to a screen, where we share – sometimes too much – via Tweet Deck and Pinterest. In this occasion the old fashion form of communication survives and thrives. It is beautiful, but so far I haven’t seen an engagement card I REALLY like. They all seem to feature hearts, pink stuff and diamond solitaires.


2      A portrait. Getting a professional picture is a traditional – and slightly cheesy – thing to do. Apparently. I am happy to give it a ride, as long as I do not get asked to use it for the Christmas cards next. As I said above, cards again.

3      An announcement, in a newspaper read by people over 60 – aka parents and grandparents. Nowadays a tweet or facebook post would spread the news around the globe in minutes, but the old fashioned way stills seems more appropriate.

4      The engagement party. As soon as possible, before the excitement runs away. We are going to do it this Saturday. Box ticked!