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Who needs to go on a minibreak when you live in London? Unfortunately I had to work this weekend, so all I had to enjoy was the best part of Friday evening and Saturday until 5 pm. A handful of hours to prove once more that quality is more important than quality.

So what can you do, when – after a night out – you are ready to leave your place by lunchtime and only have few hours? I decided for once to trust the Friday edition of the Evening Standard and do one of the activities recommended. So I convinced the Lord that cycling to Somerset House to see Somerset House, a retrospective and celebration of the work of some very talented British crafts makers, was a good idea. The fact that it was an initiative of Walpole British Luxury Institute was good enough for me. From knitwear to shoemaking and glass blowing, blended with the opportunity to meet the makers alongside the products, and see the labour of love that lies behind a pair of shoes or a cabinet.


All of these in one of my favourite parts of Somerset house, the West Wing galleries. Filled with lights and sunshine, the objects and their makers brought this space to life. I felt like I was lounging in someone’s sitting room. With very high ceilings. Were the curators and the organisers trying to suggest that this is the space where this objects should live, outside the workshop and the retail arena, but in our homes?

Glass Blowing

It feels like Craft is becoming what Design was few years ago. Craft is having a moment and everyone seems to want to have a piece of it. Even the School of life of Alain De Bottom is dedicating a talk to one of the aspects of crafting – DIY. And it sold out in a couple of hours.