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A small terrace, a flowerpot in need of TLC, a very quiet flat, conveniently located  by the river. The reason why a duck decided to lay her eggs in my flowerpot is and will always be a mystery. How can this be preferable to a pond in the middle of a lovely park? Did she think that her ducklings were going to be safer on the third floor? photo

We discovered the duck on a lazy Saturday morning. We got up late and an unexpected guest was sitting by the flowerpot. As soon as she spotted us, she left, leaving an egg. Within the space of few days the number of eggs increased. We had 7. More eggs meant more time spent on our terrace. She destroyed the other flowers and made a mess. The only time she left was in the evening, probably to socialise and get some food.

28 days after – nature is punctual – we had 5 lovely and perfect ducklings. Isn’t it what all new parents say of their newborn babies? 5 ducklings that managed to turn the little terrace in a bombsite. 3 days and it was clear: these little animals belong to a pond, not to a city terrace.

We decided that the best place for them was the Ducks Pond in Battersea, named not by chance. With few difficulties we managed to put mother and ducklings in two different boxes and take them swiftly to the place where they belong. As soon as we lifted the lid, they followed their instinct and – without any help – they jumped straight in the water and gathered together around their mum, surrounded by another group of ducks.







Even the Evening Standard featured this quite unusual story!