It has been a rather eventful month this one, so apologies if I didn’t have any chance to write about my “Alice in wonderLondon” life recently.

I thought that the best way to break the silence is to publish this picture. It brought a big smile to my face this morning. I was exhausted after an hour an half of yoga – 9 am start on Saturday – and on my way home I passed by the Belgravia’s institution Peggy Porschen bakery.

They were sitting in the sun, sipping a pink drink and thoroughly enjoying themselves. I asked their permission to take a pic, I asked if they were doing a retro-themed photo-shoot nearby, and not at all, they explained that they were getting ready to go out tonight, in Liverpool! Being out and about in London didn’t prevent them to carry on with their long and intensive beauty routine.

Liverpool ladies getting ready for tonight

Liverpool ladies getting ready for tonight


Let’s move to a couple of recent discoveries of the last few weeks. In need of relaxation and something to lift my mood – as I said, I hade few complicated weeks recently – I hit the road, ready for some shopping therapy. That’s how I found, and tested, some aromatic candles Aromaworks. In the attempt to create a spa-like atmosphere, I light the Serenity and the Rose ones, put a mask on my face and sipped a large cup of organic tea. Who needs the Spa at the Dorchester anymore?







Finally the thermometer hit 31 degrees today and I am sure that many people felt the burning desire to be by the seaside. Or failing that, they made up by shopping for some swimwear and flip flops. Trotting down Kings Road I discovered a temporary shop called Bathesheba. I liked most of the items on show, all very chic and colourful, a rare combination, and wished my holidays by the sea were longer then planned, in order to justify more purchases of sarongs and kaftans.