I remember that, not too long ago, Soho square was a place you walked through quickly, keeping an eye on your purse while walking fast. The park in the middle of the square wasn’t regarded as the most salubrious of central London and its reputation was justified. Now it is media land, rental space is one of the most expensive of the capital, the restaurant scene is thriving and it remains one of the main areas for going out. Soho is still seedy, grants a level of anonymity and invisibility as nowhere else. It is a place where you can walk on your own and change the course of your night just by choosing a door, or not. In the land where everything is possible, there was still a corner ripe for development.


Until now. At the corner of Soho Square and Soho Street the scaffolding have finally come off and a new bar/ restaurant/ fun place is there. Called Six Storeys, it is what it says. It is having a soft launch this month, inviting few lucky ones to eat, drink and be merry.camm-and-hooper-vbh-432

The overarching theme running across this six storey townhouse is prohibition, quite appropriate considering the location and its long standing reputation for vice and underground life.

The drinks list is extensive and showcases that – Brexit or not – London is still a destination for innovation and talent, in the media, in the tech sector and when it comes to food and drink. Where else can you find a 72 hour Fig or Apple Pie infused Martinis or a savoury, Venison and Summer Truffle Gin Cup? Or a Burnt Toffee Scotch Old Fashioned, a Rose and Cocoa infused Vodka or even a Peanut Butter flavoured Rum. Luckily this will not only be a place for drinks, but food will be high on the agenda and served through the day.


The venue will then officially open from the 3rd January 2017.


Get there soon, before everyone hears about it and gets impossible to get a table.