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This week I finally reconnect with the world of art and guess what, I am a lot happier for that. It all started in a very corporate way, attending a conference in Munich where I heard catastrophic predictions about the Trump administration and the Titanic act that Brexit will represent for the UK. Luckily the balmy weather, the sunshine and the good company I was with tempered these feelings of fear and negativity. On my way back in London, welcomed by November rain, I headed to the South Kensington club for the presentation of Block Universe, London’s international performance art festival running, which is about to start in a week. And I am genuinely excited about the programme and the performances that will see in few days.

Performance followed in the other part of town, in trendy and not so grungy anymore Shoreditch, at STRUCTURED MAGIC, an exhibition of visual and performing art where fantasy and reality collide. IMG_5498

If Block Universe makes references to the world of Physics and the notion of time, “the Structure of Magic” is a psychotherapeutic term, which involves offering new models of being in an imaginary context. This is a method intended to transform a person’s perception of the world and their place in it, on a fundamental level – literally expanding their reality, by demonstrating that there are always more choices than initially perceived. Hence making the invisible visible.

All humans experience the world differently and each of us creates a different model and therefore a different reality. In this exhibition, dominated by the great work of my friend and talented artist Robina Doxi, the artist invites the viewers into her inner world and experiences the magic of her fantasies and dreams. Her pieces take you on a journey that seems to tell you a story, sometimes a fairy-tale, sometimes a dream, sometimes a sci-fi narrative, condensed with abstraction and dystopian imagery.

During the exhibition, I had a chat with Madame Echo, a performer who gifted me of a little bottle of champagne, with a wish of happiness protection. The magic is going to happen after the election in the UK, on the 8th of June. I would never say no to happiness and champagne. In fact, they often go hand in hand. Merci Madame E. IMG_5518