London is my lover. London is the place I choose to live at this stage of my life, even if I know that it doesn’t do me any good. And if you live here or have stayed in this city for longer than a weekend, you will know what I mean: busy tube, 13 degrees in July, wearing wellies in the middle of August, not finding a taxi when you need it the most or is raining – or both together – sky high rents and house prices driven by City money and tax evaders. Despite all of this, I still love London.

My blog is a guide for any Italian girl who lives in London, and more broadly, for any girl who is lucky enough to live or pass by this amazing city, who is curious about shops, eateries, galleries and trends in general. It is also a good way to keep in touch with all those people who have visited London, loved it and continue to follow its trends and innovations from a distance.

Something about me now: I started my career as journalist in a local Italian newspaper and I am now working in the magic world of marketing, communications and advertising. An omnivorous reader, my passions and interests cover cooking, art and design, jewellery making, art-house cinema, and all those things that help a woman lady to be more presentable. I run and cycle, in an attempt to keep my body (and soul) in good shape and offset my carbon footprint. When I am feeling lazy I ride my little scooter, wearing skirts and high heels.  I like scootering in London so much that I even took my red Vespa all the way here.

And in case you are wondering, despite the weather and few other misadventures, London has been very good to me. So far.

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